2 Signs Your Car's Fuel Injector Pump Is Going Bad


If you have been having problems with starting your car lately, you may have already ruled out a few things that could cause the issue. Since the lights and peripherals are still coming on strong, you know that the battery and alternator are not causing it. You may have also ruled out the starter since the engine will start but shut down after a few minutes. 

If so, there is a good chance that the issue is caused by a failing fuel injector pump. Along with difficulty starting, there are a couple of other signs that you should look for when determining whether the fuel pump is going bad.

1. Engine Runs Rough When First Started or Stopped at a Traffic Light

One sign that the pump in your car's fuel injector system is going bad is when it idles roughly while sitting still. Even if you are able to get your car started, if you let it sit for a few minutes, the engine will be loud, and the car shakes.

Even if you have been driving for a while, you may experience this rough idling while stopped at a traffic light. Since the pump is only working part of the time, it is not delivering the gas the engine needs to run without interruption. However, since the pump is still somewhat working, the engine usually does not die completely. However, it will if the fuel pump suffers total failure before you replace it.

2. Engine Sputters and Temporarily Loses Power When Accelerating

Along with idling rough, you may also notice that the engine sputters when the fuel pump is going bad. When you try to accelerate, the motor temporarily loses power while acting as if it is going to stall. Then, when you decrease the demand by letting off the gas pedal, the engine smooths out. When you accelerate, the engine's demand for gas increases. Because the pump is failing, it is unable to meet this demand for increased fuel. 

If your car's engine is idling rough and experiences intermittent power loss while you are driving, the fuel pump is most likely failing. If you do not replace the faulty pump, your car will eventually not run at all because the engine will not receive the gas it needs to operate. Before this happens, speak to a sales representative at an auto parts store that offers fuel injection system parts.


1 November 2022

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