2 Signs Your Car's Fuel Injector Pump Is Going Bad


If you have been having problems with starting your car lately, you may have already ruled out a few things that could cause the issue. Since the lights and peripherals are still coming on strong, you know that the battery and alternator are not causing it. You may have also ruled out the starter since the engine will start but shut down after a few minutes.  If so, there is a good chance that the issue is caused by a failing fuel injector pump.

1 November 2022

Getting The Right Auto Parts For DIY Frontend Collision Repairs


Sometimes, a front-end collision can be mostly cosmetic. Thus, you might want to do your own repairs. The repairs can include things like replacing a radiator, core support, and auto body parts like fenders. The following auto parts information will help you get what you need to complete these types of repairs. Types of Parts That Will Be Needed  The crumple zone of modern cars often makes front-end damage look worse than it really is.

27 June 2022

3 Reasons To Sell Your Junk Car This Winter


There's no mistaking that winter has arrived throughout most of the United States. As temperatures begin to plummet and the snow piles up, you may want to curl up inside and ignore the world for a while. Unfortunately, leaving your old junk car as a problem to deal with during the spring may not be the best option. If you've got a rotting old hulk on your property, calling a junk car buyer can save you money and make your winter less frustrating.

10 January 2022