Creative Uses For Junk Cars


Every gearhead has had the urge to fill their yard with old project cars at one time or another. It's an itch that mostly goes unscratched, but once in a while a seemingly perfect clunker shows up in the classifieds and it's just too difficult to resist. Of course, reality always sets in sooner or later and you're forced to deal with the fact that you've now got a total clunker taking up space in front of your house.

28 December 2018

3 Reasons To Purchase Auto Parts From A Scrapyard


Whether you are restoring an old vehicle or simply looking to do some repairs yourself in order to save some money instead of going to the shop, heading to a scrapyard is the right move for you. Digging through a scrapyard looking for replacement parts for your car has a number of advantages over ordering parts from the manufacturer or online. Understanding what some of the benefits that purchasing parts from a scrapyard are can help make it clear to you why you should do so.

17 July 2018

Need Affordable Parts To Repair Your Vehicle? Use These Tips


Whether you are going to do all of the work yourself, or you want to find the parts on your own before taking your vehicle in to the shop, you might be interested in saving money on those parts. This is especially true for anyone that finds themselves needing to buy multiple parts, as it can all add up to be a lot of money when it is said and done.

18 April 2018