4 Steps To Junk A Car Without The Title


Whether it's an old abandoned car on your property or an old junker that you have long since lost the title to, it can be more challenging to sell a junk car if you don't have the title in hand. Fortunately, there are ways out of this situation. 

1. Run a VIN Check

If the vehicle was abandoned on your property or you purchased property with old junk cars on it, you must run a VIN check to see if the original owners want to claim the vehicle. How VIN checks are run depends on your state, but in many locations, VIN checks are performed by the state patrol for either no fee or a low fee. If the VIN is cleared with no active ownership claims, you may be able to claim the vehicle as your own for junking purposes.

2. Check Local Regulations

Local regulations vary on responsibility for removal if the VIN check reveals ownership other than you. If the owners want the vehicle, they will be given a certain amount of time to pick it up. If they fail to do so, then you can either have it towed and impounded by the municipality or claim ownership yourself, depending on local regulations. In some cases, the owners may need to sign the vehicle over to you before you can claim ownership, even if they fail to remove the vehicle in the prescribed time window. 

3. Run a Lien Check

Once you have ownership, a lien check must be run to make sure there is no outstanding money owed on the vehicle. Generally, liens are either held by auto lending companies or by local governments that have placed a lien due to unpaid fines. Any liens must be paid off before you can junk the vehicle for cash.

4. Get a Replacement Title

Your local department of motor vehicles can issue you a replacement title if you no longer have one. Some junk companies require that there is a title in hand before they will take the old car. If the vehicle was registered in your name, then getting a new title is as simple as paying a fee. If the vehicle has no claims of ownership, there may be additional paperwork necessary, along with fees and required waiting periods, before a new title is issued.

Contact a junk car removal service to learn more about options when you don't have a title to an old car. 


16 August 2021

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