A Few Points To Consider About Racing Fuel


You should read this article to find out answers to your questions about things you should consider when you are choosing a racing fuel. It will help you to have a better idea of what to look for and what else you should be paying attention to so you don't choose wrong. Here are Some things you should know about racing fuel in general, and how it can help you in a race:

What else should you consider when choosing a racing fuel besides octane?

Many racers tend to get a bit too fixated on octane when they are trying to evaluate the fuel quality, but there is also much more they should be considering. While octane does play an important role, it is still just a single fuel property of several properties that you should consider.

The burning speed of the fuel is important to achieving the max pressure of the cylinder:

This is the speed that the fuel releases energy. There is only a small amount of time at high RPMs for the energy to be released. Fuel that is continuing to burn after this point will not contribute to the max cylinder pressure.

The energy value in the fuel will help affect the power the ride has at any speed:

The top possible energy in the fuel is seen in the value of the energy. British thermal units or BTUs per lb is the means of measurement and the measurements are done in pounds and not in gallons. British thermal units are a traditional unit of heat and used to simplify measuring and configuring. Fuels measuring more BTUs per lb have an energy value that is also higher. The higher value has an improved effect on power at any speed.

Is it possible for you to over-octane your engine?

You can over-octane your engine if you aren't careful. A sign that you are doing this can be a bit of a sluggish response to the throttle. You may also get deposits in the exhaust ports and headers. An engine that is trying to burn fuel with too much octane, the inaccurate burn rate will make it so that all of the fuel is not burned up. What's left of the fuel will generally get turned into a deposit that is pushed out of the exhaust. This is why it's very important for you to make sure you are paying attention to all of the factors.  


2 September 2017

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