3 Features To Look For In Aftermarket Door Mirror For Your Off-Road SUV


Wheeling through the mud, hills, and rough terrain can mean your SUV takes a little more of a beating than the average vehicle simply cruising down the highways. Therefore, the basic parts and attachments sometimes just will not do. From the front bumper and grill to the tail lights, there are all kinds of ways you can soup up your off-road SUV with aftermarket parts that are more fitting for the unbeaten path–even when it comes to the door mirrors. Make sure you check out these cool features to look for in aftermarket door mirrors for cars:

Collapsible Structure 

If you run into a stray branch or some other obstacle on an off-road path, traditional car door mirrors can be slapped so hard that they break right off. If you want to ensure this does not happen with your off-road machine, go for door mirrors that have a collapsible housing. These mirrors set on a frame that will actually bend in either direction to fold over almost flat against the door with enough resistance. You can simply fold the mirrors back in place once the obstacle is cleared instead of having to be concerned about replacing the complete mirror. 

Wider Reach from the Door

It is just as important to know what is happening behind you in an off-road location as it is on the highway, but the thing is, with a lot of clutter in the way, you may not be able to see as much as you need to with a regular sized mirror. Go for aftermarket door mirrors that have a wider shape and reach a little further out from the door. This will give you an ample view of the rear of your vehicle and what may be coming up behind you. 

Integrated LED Lights

Sometimes, especially when you are traversing through the darkness in an unfamiliar place that is crowded with trees and limbs, just having a little extra light can mean a lot. For this reason, door mirrors that have integrated LED lights can be a huge help for your off-roading adventures. These mirrors have small but powerful lights encased along the edge of the mirror and shine out ahead of the vehicle. This will give you more illumination along the sides of the vehicle where there is usually little light available so you can better see how to maneuver through tight spots in the dark. 


8 June 2017

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