A Few Points To Consider About Racing Fuel


You should read this article to find out answers to your questions about things you should consider when you are choosing a racing fuel. It will help you to have a better idea of what to look for and what else you should be paying attention to so you don't choose wrong. Here are Some things you should know about racing fuel in general, and how it can help you in a race:

2 September 2017

3 Features To Look For In Aftermarket Door Mirror For Your Off-Road SUV


Wheeling through the mud, hills, and rough terrain can mean your SUV takes a little more of a beating than the average vehicle simply cruising down the highways. Therefore, the basic parts and attachments sometimes just will not do. From the front bumper and grill to the tail lights, there are all kinds of ways you can soup up your off-road SUV with aftermarket parts that are more fitting for the unbeaten path–even when it comes to the door mirrors.

8 June 2017

2 Common Causes Of Transmission Fluid Leaks


The transmission in your car is second only to the engine in terms of overall importance. And as the engine relies on motor oil for its proper functioning, so the transmission requires a constant supply of fresh transmission fluid. This is the lifeblood of your car's gear system. The problem is that, over time, as a car ages, it tends to begin leaking transmission fluid. Should all of the fluid be allowed to escape in this way, your transmission will seize up and die--for good.

4 May 2017

How To Change Automatic Transmission Fluid


If your vehicle stalls at red lights, or you have trouble shifting , it may be time to change the transmission fluid. It is suggested to inspect the transmission fluid every 30,000 to 50,000 miles or according to your owner's manual. Checking and changing your transmission fluid isn't hard. Here are tips to change your automatic transmission fluid. Prepare to Work For this project, you need: work gloves safety goggles two ramps concrete blocks cardboard or plastic ten gallon plastic bucket to catch oil rags ratchet set or wrench funnel transmission fluid Move the gearshift to neutral or park.

23 March 2017

A Primer On Adjusting Your Garage Door Sensors


Your automatic garage door opener relies on a set of photoelectric sensors to sense objects and other obstacles that get in the way of the garage door. This prevents the garage door from closing on objects, animals and even people. If the photoelectric sensors are knocked out of alignment, you'll need to readjust the sensors so that they'll detect obstacles correctly. The following provides an in-depth guide to adjusting your garage door opener's photoelectric sensors.

19 July 2016

Foreclosed Home Purchases: 3 Ways To Clean Up & Make Some Extra Money


Purchasing a foreclosed home usually comes with a great deal that is well below the typical market price. But there are often stipulations with these sales, including an "as is" clause that gives you the home in the current condition that it is in. This means that before you can actually move into the home, there may need to be a lot of renovating, cleaning up, and clearing of the property.

20 May 2016

How To Repaint A Replacement Salvage Yard Door For Your Vehicle


A salvage yard is a great place to find used vehicle parts you can use in repairing your vehicle. Your vehicle's damaged door panel can be switched out for one of a different color from the salvage yard, you can strip and paint it yourself to get the color to match your vehicle. Here are some instructions to help you sand, repair, and repaint a junk yard vehicle door to match it to the rest of your vehicle.

17 May 2016